Sunlight reflected | a sudden realization…

Corner window


You could begin a short story with this image. An ordinary man eating his lunch in the furthest corner of his local canteen (do people still say canteen?) Maybe he is a doctor or a salesman. He eats there everyday, the same thing everyday, the same thoughts everyday. And then he looks up because a light is flashing upon his face. A strong light. He senses it at first as heat upon his face. And instantly, without thinking, he realizes that it is the light of the sun. It is the light of the sun reflecting off the windshield of a car stopped at a red light. This has never happened before. It is spring. It is the same light of everyday. The same light that illuminated all of human history. It is starlight. He suddenly knows it. He never thought of it that way before.

He must change his life…

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